Friday, March 23, 2012

Appointment updates!

Well, I am pretty behind on appointment updates....but honestly, I wouldn't have much to say! They've been BORING! And that's what you want when you've had the pregnancies I've had :)

It goes sort of like this:
34 week appointment - perfect blood pressure of about 120/60, no protein in the urine
36 week appointment - our HOME visit! The midwives came to our house, checked out our birth kit and the house layout, and I had another perfect BP reading.
37 week appointment - BP 118/62, slight protein in urine, but cause is most likely from recovering from the 24 hour stomach bug so we're not worried...also - I AM TERM!!!!!!!! Also, my big belly measures 39+ weeks!
38 week appointment - again with the perfect BP (118/62) and not even a slight trace of protein in the urine! Measuring a normal 38 weeks now, and we estimate baby is about 7lbs :)

38 weeks...can you even believe it. I have never been so pregnant! Maia was induced at 37w3d so I'm in uncharted territory now!

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